Project Overview

The Project

Walt Ranch will plant vineyards totaling 209 acres on a 2,300 acre property located west of Monticello Road (Highway 121) in the eastern hills of the Napa Valley.  The property, accessed via Circle Oaks Drive, has been owned personally by Craig and Kathryn Hall since 2005.

The Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the Walt Ranch Vineyard proposal concluded that “no significant and unavoidable impacts would result from implementation of the Proposed Project if all recommended mitigation measures are adopted.”

The proposed vineyard plantings will be farmed in a sustainable manner that includes use of integrated pest management (IPM) practices and participation in the Napa Sustainable Winegrowing Group and California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance.

If you'd like to learn more about the Walt Ranch vineyard proposal, you can review the FEIR and other documents that have been submitted to the County of Napa by clicking here.


In 2006, Craig and Kathryn Hall initiated plans and studies in an effort to plant vineyards on their Walt Ranch property.  After discussions with Napa County, in 2008 the County (as lead agency) began the development of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on Walt Ranch.  In doing so, they directed numerous scientific studies from a range of experts assessing the impact of vineyard development on the property, as well as the cumulative impacts on the neighboring properties and communities.

After 6 years of studies and assessment, Napa County published a Draft EIR (DEIR) in July 2014. Included in the DEIR are the studies that were conducted, discussions of environmental impacts of the proposed vineyard, and recommendations for avoidance and mitigation to reduce all impacts of the planting to a less than significant level.

In March 2016, Napa County released the Final EIR (FEIR) for the Walt Ranch vineyard proposal, which responds to all comments received during the public comment period on the DEIR, and incorporates other important modifications and project improvements as a result of community input. After reviewing the FEIR and Erosion Control Plan, Napa County Planning Director David Morrison officially approved the Walt Ranch vineyard proposal on June 13, 2016. His decision has been appealed to the Napa County Board of Supervisors, who are scheduled to vote on the final approvals for the project at their December 6, 2016 meeting.